Major Ministries

  1. Mentoring Seminars for Pastors, Seminarians, Lay Leaders
    • Seminar on the Essence of the Gospel, the Church, and the Pastoral Ministry; Seminar on Biblical Theology, Christian Doctrines, and Systematic Theology; Seminar on Preaching; Seminar on Healthy Small Churches; Seminar on Healthy Planting Churches
  2.  Educational Seminars on Sacrificial Giving
    • Stewardship Spirituality; Generous Sharing and Giving, Helping the Poor, Financial Ministry, Debt Consolidation, Library Buildings in Korea and the poor countries
  3.  Preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming and Missions
    • Financial and Spiritual Support for Missionaries; Support for Pastoral Candidates, Scholarship for Youth, Young Adults and Seminarians; Training for Servants of Harvest; Seminars on Revelation and Eschatology; Missional Engagement with China, India, and Islamic World